Tips for Parent to Prevent Childhood Obesity

  • Thomas Dial
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  • 2016-01-04
  • Childhood Obesity is a common disorder found among the majority of natives.

    Obesity is not just one problem; rather it is a gateway to some mental and physical complications.

    Childhood obesity is a serious concern in today’s society. It also comes in with several psychological issues among kids, such as low self-esteem, inferiority complex, fear to face public, etc.

    Common Causes of childhood obesity are poor diet structure, lack of physical exercise, unfit lifestyle, and genetic disorder.

    The above childhood obesity facts need urgent attention to save their life and protect them being a victim of critical diseases.

    Complete parents support is required as they are the prime source of guidance and motivation for kids.

    Tips for Parent to Prevent Childhood Obesity (3)

    Here are the most efficient ways to save your child from the harsh condition of obesity:

    1. Set fix time limit to play video games and computer games. Same should be applied for watching television too.

    Sitting for hours in front of computer or television makes your child dull, inactive and lethargic, which promotes obesity.

    2. Keep your kid away from fast food and junk food. These are bad food choices and add some extra calories to your child’s weight, nothing else.

    Create a habit of eating healthy and nutritious food in your kid. For this, love such foods yourself. Moreover, try to have a family meal instead of eating individually.

    When your child observes you eating and enjoying healthy food, he’ll do the same.

    3. Let your children come out of the obesity disorder by creating a habit of regular outdoor playing and physical exercise.

    This is yet another highly effective way to stay fit by burning extra calories and facts of the body. Here again, the parent must be a part of outdoor activities with his/her kids. Moreover, do not compel your kid to play a particular game or exercise.

    Let him play any outdoor game he wishes to, provided it is safe.Tips for Parent to Prevent Childhood Obesity (2)

    4. Never threaten your kid to stop eating unhealthy stuff. Such threats will enhance the problem rather than diminish it.

    Moreover, this will make your kid stubborn and nonreactive to instructions.

    5. Prepare a variety of yummy and healthy dishes instead of following the same boring menu every alternate day.

    It is not that healthy food cannot be delicious.

    Being a parent, make sure that you are a part of each and every tip discussed above so as to prevent obesity in your kid.

    Remember, your child is your shadow and will follow what you do.