Symptoms Of Cancer

Skin rash symptoms of cancer (2)

Skin rash symptoms of cancer

Skin rashes can be the first indications of several types of cancers.

As the cancer develops, the rashes may become crusty, bleed or ooze.

Whereas a normal skin rash goes away with time, the skin rash symptoms of cancer remain and continue to develop slowly.

The rashes appear on the arms, neck, hands face, and the genital areas.

  • Skin cancer

Symptoms of skin cancer include new skin rashes or change in size and shape of existing lesions.

Some of the most vivid features include a mole with irregular shape, spots with rough edges, pink rashes and spots bigger than ¼ inch diameter.

Other symptoms of skin cancer include skin sores that do not heal, pimples that swell and itch, oozing or bleeding from the rashes.

Skin cancer mainly develops on the hands, feet and face and rarely develop on the areas that are usually hidden from the sun.

Other symptoms are pressure wounds.

These are wounds that develop when the skin damaged by constant friction.

A person with cancer is at risk of developing pressure sores if their skin is very dry. However, there are creams and lotions that you can apply on the skin to prevent the friction.

  • Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood cells but it is mostly manifested on the skin.

A child with leukemia will have small red spots on the skin caused by blood vessels that have bled.

Their blood has a reduced ability to clot and so the skin rashes that bleed do not heal.

  • Lymphoedema

This is a type of cancer that affects the lymph nodes. It refers to a buildup of fluid in the tissues causing swelling around the arms and legs.Skin rash symptoms of cancer (1)

It makes the skin feel tight, dry and crack easily.

As the cancer grows special cells in the body’s autoimmune system collect in the skin, interacting with other cells to produce changes in the skin.

The eventual symptom is a skin rash symptom of cancer that appears as scaly red patches on the skin, skin nodules, and raised thick pimples.

This type of rash gets better after treatment with tropical moisturizers but then reappears again, worse than before. The rash finally spreads to every part of the body of the affected person, constantly itching.

This case of skin rash worsens if the persons expose themselves to the sun or rub scratch their skin when it itches.